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Porto Pool Area

Swim in both of our circled pools, lay in our comfort rich of mattress sunbeds, read your favorite magazine or bring up to your memory moments of joy with our Mykonian instrumental sounds.

Porto Pool bar

Serves only the finest self-cocktails using the deck as a spot to rest yourself by the shade and take some local Greek Mediterranean bytes, hazing the pool and the sea view of the port.


Our buffet serves such delicacies and elevates comfort food with a powerful breakfast to start your day. Using local and seasonal ingredients. Available room service and your balcony upon request.


What if you missed the Breakfast, Brunch is welcoming you at 11:00am served by the outdoor restaurant & Pool. Hosting Greek pies, a big variety of the egg family, healthy smoothies and vegan - vegetarian Acai nutrition bowl.

Location Town

Chora Town, located at close range from the Hotel, only a minute of walking downhill. Romantic vibes of Joy as you are looking the view of the Windmills from the hotel, the whitewashed boutiques, the limited but charming chapels and the whole town in your eyes within few steps.

View of Old Port

Feeling blessed to be in the heart of old port and to have the symbolic name ‘Porto Mykonos’ , staring the luxury picturesque cruise ships in the Blue Aegean and unwind all day long this miracle Sunrise and Sunset. Sunset View