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Mykonos Weddings

Once in a Lifetime


Wedding Reception in Mykonos

A wedding reception can be held by the decorated pool with excellent views of Mykonos Town and the Aegean. The hotel’s close location from Mykonos town allows for an unspoiled wedding reception in Mykonos that can linger on to the next day, where everyone can experience the incomparable Little Venice sunrise.


Weddings in Mykonos

Porto Mykonos is found on the beautiful, cosmopolitan Mykonos Island, a favorite of the jet setters and one of the most glamorous islands in Greece. The fashionable, party island can also be a great place for the wedding of your dreams; a memorable beautiful and elegant celebration.

Porto Mykonos Wedding Chapel

Our picturesque wedding chapel lies in the most romantic landscape. Following the traditional Cycladic architecture, whitewashed with arched windows. The wedding service can take place both in the interior and exterior of the wedding chapel with the decoration of your choice, depending on the number of invites.

Porto Mykonos guarantees that the Weddings in Mykonos held at the hotel’s private wedding chapel are treasurable moments.